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Once your product has been finalized and confirmed in the "design" stage it then moves into the development phase, also known as " the sampling process". This is where Oz Garments executes all aspects of creating the first sample. Oz Garments will order the appropriate materials and accessories that will be needed to make the initial samples. Once finished the sample(s) will be sent to our customer for design, fit, and testing approval.  Should there be any changes or modifications required to the first sample based on our customers comments, we will remake the sample based on their comments, in some cases this may be repeated a few times until the samples are perfect. By working as a "team" and by having good communication with our clients, Oz Garments ensures the development of your products in a timely fashion with outstanding quality, with all of the requirements met.  Once the sample is confirmed by our customers and an order is placed, we then will start production.

 • Upon design approval, sample submission or submitted design, we provide a detailed price quote.

• Upon quote approval, we create a prototype sample using the best materials available at that time.

• We then test the prototype for fit, materials, function, etc... we then send it to you for feedback.

• If needed, we then produce a second sample that reflects all of our findings and your comments.

• Our development team logs all technical details regarding material type, fit, color, quality assurance, etc.

• If required, we will go through the second sample with you for comments to ensure 100% satisfaction.

• We will send you a pre-production sample which is produced from the start of the production run.

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