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The Oz Garments design team has specialized for over 10 years in designing and developing products for the technical bag and luggage industry, we feel confident in our ability to come up with products in your market to fuel your continued growth. Guided by our innovative approach, we've built up an impressive resume of clients who look to us to not only manufacture their products but to also come up with designs and comments. Working with our customers, we collaborate with them to develop exactly what they want, based on market trends, style, materials, colors and target price points. Once initial concepts and designs are completed, we will submit them for our customer's comments, approval and make changes accordingly. Once this process is complete and our customers have approved the final designs, we move into the development phase.  At that point we will proceed in making the first sample.

 • Our design team understands your industry: the latest trends in styling, materials and trends.

• We use the latest programs and equipment that allows us to stay ahead of the competition.

• Your initial direction will be turned into a design.

• We can recommend the best materials and accessories based on your target price point.

• We also can create full tech-packs for our customers.

• Customers can also choose from the many styles that we have already developed for use with their brand.

For more information about our design capabilities, please email us at sales@bagmanufacturer.com.

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