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At Oz Garments we are actively involved in developing new styles of products for our customers on a regular basis. We've perfected our development and production capabilities to cover a vast range of products in different industries and categories including motorcycle luggage, bicycle bags, hunting bags and military bags. We have also manufactured many promotional bags such as drawstring bags, tote bags just to name a few. We have established healthy customer relationships all around the world. Now we would like to use our manufacturing know-how to produce products for you.

Please take a look at our Products Section for some ideas of products we have produced in the past.  For the products shown in our Product Section we can quote you pricing immediately. For Modified or Custom Designed products please email us at sales@bagmanufacturer.com and supply us with your comments.
Oz Garments Bag Manufacturer in China specializes in manufacturing private label products for all your bag, luggage and backpack production. Oz Garments has the factories and staff to produce high volume orders of technical sports products, hunting gear, fishing bags, workout duffels, snowboard bags, military and law enforcement, motorcycle bags, laptop promotional and cooler bag products of any material, size and shape. Oz Garments Bag Manufacturing offers in-house bag and luggage design, research and development, over 600 skilled craftsman allow Oz Garments Bag Manufacturing to be an industry leader in the production of all types of backpacks and bags. Whether you are looking create product for domestic or international sales, Oz Garments is the number one bag supplier to produce the products you'll be proud to put your brand name on.
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