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Below is an overview of our "Production" process.  You can also view some pictures of these processes at the bottom of the page.

Production Lead Time ---
For items that use domestic materials (china) our production lead time is around 60-75 days. For items that require imported materials the production lead time will be extended to 70-85 days. This production schedule is only valid providing that prior to receiving orders all materials, color ways, TPRs, labels, hangtags, packaging and fit samples have been approved in advance. If there are any unconfirmed issues after receiving an order, the above mentioned lead times will fluctuate.

Quality Control ---

Our workers are trained prior to each production run by work group managers to ensure that each component is made precisely according to approved pre-production samples. Throughout this process a rigorous Quality Control system is in place to ensure the final product quality meets the high standards our customers expect. We implement Japanese Kaizen principles ensuring continued improvement for all aspects of production and final Quality Control. AQL standards are set and every section has both in-line and final QC inspection. At Yullex, we also welcome your outside QC team to visit at any stage of the production process. Photos can also be sent to our customers throughout the production process per their request.

Cutting of Fabrics --- 
Upon receiving fabrics from our material suppliers, our factory inspectors will inspect the fabrics for any possible defects before production. When the order is scheduled for production the fabrics will be placed on the cutting table in layers. Markers made for each panel of the product will be placed on top of the fabric pile and we will begin the cutting process with our specialized tools.

Embroidery and Printing ---
Embroidery or printing will take place before the products reach our sewing lines. It is necessary for the fabric panels to lie flat on the embroidery machine or the printing table, which cannot be achieved if the on an already finished product. For embroidery we use the highly respected Japanese Tajima embroidery machines and use imported inks for printing.

Sewing ---
At Yullex we use a range of quality computerized sewing machines. The printed or embroidered panels will be passed to the sewing lines where they are being stitched together with other fabric panels, zippers, handles, badges and strips of Velcro into a fully constructed bag.

Seam Taping & Waterproofing ---

For garment and bags that need to be waterproof we use seam taping machines to tape the exposed seams.

Assembling & Finishing ---
When products leave our sewing lines they will go to the assembling section where the remaining accessories will be put on. If bags require a plate bottom it will be mounted here together with studs, if any. Other accessories such as hooks and snaps will be put on the bags here before they are passed to the quality control section.

Packaging ---

We normally pack according to our buyers' requirement and as such use no standard cartons. Most products are packed in individual clear polybags and then packed into strong 7-ply export cartons guaranteeing a safe transport to destination. We can also print custom polybags and cartons at our customer’s request. We do not recommend using shipping cartons that are too heavy - normal carton gross weights should be 10-20 kilos.

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