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About Us

At Oz Garments Co., Ltd. we specialize in manufacturing, supplying and exporting of luggage, bags, covers and accessories. Our attention to quality and detail combined with our prompt production lead times and competitive pricing have made us one of the largest and most diverse bag manufacturers in China. Our development center and factory which facilitates over 600 skilled employees are located in Hangzhou, China. We've perfected our development and production capabilities to cover a vast range of products in an array of different categories in the bag, luggage and cover segments. Due to this we have established healthy customer relationships with strong clients all around the world. Now we would like to use our manufacturing know-how to develop tailor-made products for you.

You are very welcome to stop by Oz Garments during your next visit to China, we encourage customer visits.

Design and Development Capabilities
Our full in-house design and development resources. We help our customers from start to finish. We can provide design concepts, develop materials and accessories, and carry out full production. We focus a lot of our time in design and development and believe innovation is the best way for us to move forward as a company. We are always developing many new styles each year so that we can adapt to the competitive market and meet higher requirements for our customers.

We are confident of our capability and efficiency on sample development, which usually takes less than a few days if we have the available material. Our prompt correspondence with our clients enables us to process every order as our top priority. Furthermore, we are aware that our customers need fast and efficient sampling to win business from their own customers.

Our facilities currently output over 100,000 finished products in our bag and luggage division a month. We pride ourselves in being able to produce high-end technical products that most of our competitors shy away from. Our attention to quality and detail combined with our prompt production lead times and competitive pricing have earned us respect from our clients. Quality review is a mandatory step in every part of our manufacturing process. Incoming materials are carefully tested and confirmed. Our production is monitored closely from start to finish.

Commitment to doing business responsibly
Oz Garments is committed to conducting business in an ethical and socially responsible manner. We are responsible to the people and customers that we design, develop and manufacture products for. We are also devoted to improve business standards by taking into account our employees and customers. It is Oz Garments’s culture to always encourage our staff and to help them find their talent as well as create a comfortable environment where our employees can feel appreciated and valued. We seek to cultivate our relationships with customers based on honesty, integrity and trust.

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